How to Handle Troubled Employees in 3 Simple Steps

Troubling employed reacking havock in your business? It is a well-known fact that many problems related to a salon and spa business are often caused by the poor relationships between employees and managers.

Unresolved tensions between managers and troubled employees can involve high costs for any Salon and Spa business, and not many salon managers are really aware of that. Therefore, you must understand that over 65% of the problems caused by poor performances of your employees are caused by troubled employees, and not lack of personal motivation or professional abilities.

In order to grow your salon business and maintain and improve the customer base, every salon manager should try to deal with troubled employees. This is the only way you can build effective salon staff, and believe me, it will reflect immediately on your business profits! Here are few tips on how to deal with troubled employees. Using them effectively will help you understand that there are not troubled employees, but different personalities:

Troubled Employees: Find the right time and place to talk with troubled salon employees

First of all, you need to approach the employee at the right moment and in the right place, if you want to solve the problem. It is recommended that you invite him/her in a quiet room or café where you can have a chance to have a private talk, preferably at the end of the shift. Once you establish the meeting and get together, try to identify the problem while inviting your employee to declare his/her problems. The secret is to maintain a balanced communication and not use intimidation techniques or any power games for changing your employee's attitude.

Troubled Employees: The discussion

Talking with a troubled salon employee should always highlight a positive solution to his/her problems. In addition, try to see things from your employee's point of view in order to understand the source of his/her trouble. The dialogue should focus on the essence of the problem and your attitude should be supportive.

Try to show your employee that you understand his/her situation by approaching a friendly, yet professional attitude.

Troubled Employees: Reaching common ground

Finding a balanced solution should always be based on a common agreement. Defining a solution that is a win win for both parties must include specifics and timeframes.

  • You should seal the agreement with a written document. The written document is an objective proof that an answer was given to the troubled employee and this kind of situation will never occur again.

For example, if your employee has been late on numerous occasions, put this in writing and then explain the consequences if it happens again. Have your employee sign it, and then you sign it as well, and keep it in their file for future reference.

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