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Spa management, like salon management is essential to the success of your Spa. When any kind of business offers products and services the services have to be streamlined. This is not at all difficult if you have the right systems in place to make the work easier, faster and more efficiently. A beauty salon, a hair salon and a spa are among those businesses, which need all the products in place, the right appliances and machines and staff. Everything has to be integrated so that it works like a well-oiled machine.

Unfortunately, salons and spas do not have any specific management programs tailored to the needs of the business. Therefore, we decided that we would fill the vacuum in the Spa Management and Salon Management arena and created Instant Salon Forms.

These forms help running and managing a spa and salon business much easier . Salons and spas come within the gambit of service oriented businesses. Here customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Salon management tools like our forms can be of immense help to the people who own, run and manage these businesses.

Spa management is a complex, service oriented field which depends on a satisfied clients and employees. Firstly, a customer will call and take an appointment. Now if you have comprehensive software like the one provided by Elite Software, booking the appointment and allocating the work to the appropriate staff member becomes easier. To do all this manually can be cumbersome, but with the software, managing the appointments of the client and the staff member assigned to the customer can be balanced.

Now if the client shows up on schedule, everything works well, depending on the services the client has asked for, and everything goes into the system. However, the human factor must be taken into account. Clients can come late and the assigned staff member may not be free at the exact time. This can result in time being wasted. On the other hand, the client can call and cancel the appointment or reschedule it. With the right software the canceled appointment time can be allotted to another client, or the staff member can be assigned other work.

This makes spa management challenging, but it can be made easier...

Once the client has been successfully attended to, billing also becomes easier. As everything goes into the system, it becomes very easy to track. Elite Salon Management is one of many software programs that can provide you with lots of help. In addition, if like many salons and spas, you also sell products, you need inventory management as well . Computerization makes everything easy, from appointments, to sales, from inventory to salon management. 

Our set of salon and spa forms are an effective solution to streamlining all the work involved in running a salon
. It is easy to use and keep the managers and employees in line so that they work more responsibly.

The forms are tailored to address specific issues and iron over problems which may arise. They help in optimizing employee efficiency and increase sales of services and products. This results in better profits for the business.

Some of the forms which makes salon management less stressful are:

  • Employee Performance Review form - this helps gauge the performance of each staff member so that you can immediately tell who is working hard and who is not.
  • Employee Guidelines form - this sets out the guidelines for the employees to follow and brings in an element of discipline to the salon.
  • Employee Violations notice - this will set out all the rules of your salon and if any staff member is in violation of the rules he or she can be penalized according to the rules.
  • Shift Duties form - as most salons have to be open at various times, it makes sense to have employees working in shifts, so that you can maximize the work done in the salon. And as regional laws necessitate that a person has to work for a set number of hours, it means you have to rotate staff and give them offs when required.
  • Cleaning schedule form - will help keep the premises and equipment always clean. Hygiene is of utmost importance when carrying out various procedures. You can have different staff member assigned to different duties so that cleanliness is maintained at all times.
  • Inventory form - very important to keep tabs on products which need to be ordered or which are on the verge of getting over. Whether you are selling the products or not, you need to keep sufficient stock of all kinds of different products.
  • Client information form - you will be able to tell at a glance the requirements and quirks of regular or returning clients.

There are other forms to help in salon and spa management as well. Moreover, all these forms help in running a salon or spa in a professional manner, instill a good work culture among staff members, improve employee performance and efficiency.

When all the guidelines and rules are set out clearly it becomes easier for the staff to follow them. The person who is managing the show will also get all the help he or she needs without any stress. Whether it is customer satisfaction, client complaints or issues, or problems with staff, the forms have guidelines for all kinds of possible and unforeseen problems.

Thanks to salon and spa software and  salon and spa forms such as ours, there will be fewer urgent calls for help in solving any issues. All these forms can be used with very little editing work.

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