Using Spa Forms - The 101 Of All Spa Forms

You need to use spa forms because you run a business which depends particularly on client satisfaction, and proper forms help you run it more professionally and easily.

One of the most effective use of spa agreements and forms is in getting your employees to be more accountable and work more productively. For example, having a detailed daily and weekly duties guide for your employees will keep them busy, and your spa will be cleaner and the equipment will not break down as often (hint: cleaning duties forms).

spa formsAnother very important reason that you need the proper spa forms is so that you can know your client better. Knowledge of his or her medical and physical condition and health is vital so that there is no legal or health problem later on. Spa treatments may not be recommended if the person is suffering from certain medical conditions. And on the other hand, some spa treatments may be used under advisement.

Our client consultation questionnaire is ideal for getting to know your clients, and it will help you increase the average sale per client.

You probably hire contractors to fill part time positions in your spa, right? A quality independent contractor agreement is crucial when hiring these individuals. You don't want them bringing up issues that you don't' have in writing because it causes major problems for you, your spa, and your staff.

That's just a few examples of how to use spa forms to run your spa more efficiently. Other agreements and forms that you will find helpful are forms for new employees, training, selling, and much more. Have a look around our spa and salon forms page and see for yourself. I know you will find them to be a big help. If you have any questions please let us know!

More Examples Of Spa Agreements and Forms To Help You Run A 'Tight Ship'!

Medical spas are best run under the supervision of a qualified medical doctor. After all, you do not want to face legal action for deficiencies or client problems.

For instance, a client may be suffering from a back problem and certain forms of massage may not be advised. Alternatively, a client may be suffering from a blood pressure problem and the client may better avoid steam or sauna or other slimming therapies. Pregnancy is another medical condition, which may preclude certain spa services. Unless you are aware that a medical condition exists, you will not be able to provide the right services.

Many products are used during spa services and you should find out if the client is allergic to any product. In case the client does not know, or develops a sudden allergy you should have precautions in place or be able to rush the client to hospital.

In order to be legally protected - to some extent - you should have the client sign the client waiver form. A client feedback form will help you see if your spa is lacking in any way and also help you overcome shortcomings and focus on your strengths.

Spa Forms For Employees

If you are running a medical spa which offers cosmetic procedures you have to be very particular that you hire qualified professionals to do the work and use the machines. This is important if you are offering chemical peels, botox and laser treatments.

Employees can help raise profit margins and be more productive. If you have forms for employees, you will find managing the spa easier. An employee evaluation form, for instance, will help you evaluate the employee, keep a check on how much business he or she is bringing in and how much is work he or she actually does.

Spa forms which tell employees what work to do in between appointments will also help maintain a professional atmosphere in the spa and a professional work culture among the staff members. This can include shift duties and forms for opening and closing the spa or salon. A checklist is of immense help to anybody assigned to this work.

Employee violation forms will set out in detail what are the violations and what would be the action taken in case of any. Then there are leave forms and shift duty forms which will enable you to have some core staff always on call. This will help you schedule staff for those who are absent for any period of time, whether it is a few hours or a few days.

Spa Forms For Inventory

You need to stock up many products for efficiently running the spa. These can include special massage oils, emollients, moisturizers, lotions, body washes, shampoos, conditioners, even aromatherapy candles and other such retail products and items. If your spa also provides beauty and hair services, you will need even more products. You will also need to have cleaning products to keep and maintain cleanliness in the spa and these products are different from the products used on the clients. If you have forms delineating all the products used in the spa, it will be easier for staff members or managers to order stocks before they get over.

For medical spas there will be other medical equipment and sterilizers and your staff should know how to use them.

Forms For Other Spa Duties

Running a spa requires team work and no employee should feel slighted or taken advantage of. So you should have the staff's duties clearly described. Cleaning and maintenance work should be undertaken on a regular basis by different staff members. Some work will have to be done daily, some weekly and some monthly. And then there is work which may have to be done immediately after the client leaves, including cleaning the massage table, sweeping off hair, get the room or cubicle ready for the next client, etc.

The same goes for cleaning bathing/showering areas, restroom's and other special rooms. So cleaning duties should be assigned on a timely basis, so that hygiene levels are always maintained.

Opening And Closing Forms

There are many small things which need to be done when opening and closing the spa. So one person should be coming in early and ticking off whatever needs to be done before opening the spa for business. If a form or checklist is easily available, the work, too, becomes easier and simpler to follow.

When closing the spa for the day, another checklist should be used. Whether it is seeing that everything is back in its place and the place looks neat and tidy and almost ready for opening, switching all unnecessary lights off, etc. should be the responsibility of the person who is closing down the spa.

Emergency phone numbers should always be available to staff members in case of any emergencies, whether it is something going out of order, or a staff member not showing up or serious emergencies like fire or water leakages.

These are only a few of the forms which can help your spa become more successful and productive. You may not need all the possible forms, but some forms are essential for the smooth running of your spa.

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