Salon Organization - The Key to Time Optimizing
Perfomance for Salon Employees

Brian and Angie Maroevich

Salon organization and managing your time is essential when it comes to effective salon management. Unfortunately, there are cases when we seem overwhelmed by work, and run out of time to finish tasks and other projects. Therefore, scheduling is the key to your employees' work performances.

Just imagine the following: struggling to avoid traffic jams, scheduling clients, making sure you have all the products and necessary equipment for your staff, training employees, hiring new staff and solving conflicts… this might look like a nightmare, but I assure you, it can all go away if you follow some simple tips. This lack of salon organization will prevent your employees from being disrupted and to have low work performances, caused by:

  • too much work;
  • disorganized client appointments;
  • unrealistic deadlines set by employees or salon managers;
  • lack of training;
  • unclear work responsibilities;
  • poor use of tools and professional equipment;
  • Work-related conflicts.

Time management and salon organization is a key element for a successful salon business. Using checklists can help your employees get organized. You can make a salon checklist in four simple steps:

Add the tasks that must be taken care each day.

When it comes to the daily tasks, always make sure you evaluate them according to their importance. Cleaning and sanitization related tasks would be high on the list, as well as front desk procedures for opening and closing the salon.

Keep the daily schedule small

If the employees don't have a clear outline of daily tasks, they will be overwhelmed by work or not know what to do. As your employees tick off completed tasks, they will definitely have a feeling of accomplishment from this salon organization process.

Provide them with clear guidelines and a fairly long list of things to do. If it is too short, employees have a tendency to only do what is listed. But be realistic. If there is too much to do, nothing will get done.

Have a weekly checklist

Included tasks that need to be done on a weekly basis -- Those items that don't necessarily need to be done daily. Assign tasks to a particular day of the week. For example, do weekly maintenance on a particular piece of equipment on Sunday.

Checklist managers

If you are a salon and spa manager struggling with time pressure cluttered appointments and tired employees, don't worry: mastering time is the result of long practice. Checklists help managers too! Outline the things you want them to do each week and check salon reports, time sheets, etc. This reinforces your discussions and expectations for your managers and helps them get organized.

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