Salon Manager Training Guide and Tips!

salon manager

Salon manager training is crucial because your new manager is going to be in charge of sensitive and important aspects of your salon or spa.

How well your manager is trained will result in the success, average results, or even the downturn or failure of your business.

Proper training is not just something you do when your manager starts work. It's an ongoing process.

Salon manager training step 1: It's important to get them up to speed by 'shadowing' you, a current manager, or top employee at the beginning.

Salon manger training step 2: Have ongoing training, team meetings, and reviews throughout the year. We have weekly conference calls to make sure we are on track with out salon goals, and to go over miscellaneous issues that the managers need help with. This works well.

Salon manger training step 3: Recognition. It's important to constantly recognize efforts and achievements of your managers. By doing so you will keep them motivated and on top of your employees which translates into a quality overall experience for yours employees AND your customers.

The most important step in this process, in my opinion, are the weekly team meetings. As with any employee, weekly or monthly meetings are important in terms of identifying and setting goals, identifying strengths, overcoming weaknesses, and keeping everyone motivated.

If your manager is not motivated then your employees will follow suit, and slowly things unravel causing you massive headaches.

We have a power point salon and spa manager training presentation that will help you in your manager training efforts. If you would like it we can send it to you for just $14.95.

Let us know by contacting us. Otherwise our forms are the 'glue' and 'foundation' that keeps all of our salon and spa management processes streamlined. So have a look. You won't be disappointed!

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