Why A Quality Salon Agreement Can

Save You Countless Hours Of Stress!

The most common salon agreement is a chair or booth rental agreement. But there are several, even dozens of other agreements to consider as well.

An agreement can range from a booth or chair rental, an independent contractor form, customer release forms, employee conduct agreements, and many more.

Where we separate from the crowd of generic salon agreements and forms for sale online or in some book stores is that we are actual salon and spa owners. We use anywhere from one salon agreement to several on a daily basis to help improve employee productivity and increase profits.

Although our forms were not created by an attorney, you will find them to be excellent quality, and easily adaptable to your salon or spa. They really help you streamline your salon or spa, and they help you sleep better at night knowing you have a binding agreement between yourself and the other party.

Does This Sound Like Something You Have Had To Deal With?

salon agreements

You open up the salon in the morning to see trash cans full of trash, and the salon was not cleaned after the last shift. You remember telling your staff to make sure the salon is always cleaned before they close the salon.

You confront your employee and they say, "I didn't know I had to do that! I work the counter. That's not my job." You know you told them it was part of their job, but how do you back it up? A salon agreement and employee guidelines handbook is going to solve this problem (tip: you make them initial and sign that they read and understand it).

What About This Scenario?

Your new independent contractor you hired was working out fine for a few months, and then they up and left without notice and are working across town. And on top of that you find out that several of the clients they got from working at your salon are now being solicited by her.

You are mad as heck but you forgot to have them sign an independent contractor agreement that included a non compete clause. There's nothing you can do except try to sue her in small claims court for Unfair Business Practices, but that is going to take time, money, and you can lose.

An independent contractor salon agreement can dramatically reduce the likelihood that these types of situations occur (just make sure you go over the contract with your contractor and include all the items you want in it. And that includes editing ours as well).

Shopping For Salon and Spa Agreements:

If you want forms created by an attorney be aware that you will be charged a large amount of money for each form, upwards of $500 - $2000 or more. There are a few legal sites that have some forms that might work for you. For example, you might be able to use a form for a chair booth rental, or hiring an independent contractor from these sites. But we already have them, and more for less!

My wife and I are very proud of our businesses and a big reason they are successful is because we created forms and agreements that help use solve problems and keep people more accountable for their actions, and make employees more productive. I know you will be pleased with your small investment here are SalonForms.com.

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