Model Release Form And Consent:

Here's how we use a model release form:

One of the most important parts of your business is marketing. You have to have quality marketing if you want to get new clients because if your salon or spa is amazing, and the clients have a great experience, it won't last without fresh new business. And marketing is the key to getting new business.

What does a model release form have to do with marketing?

Good question. One successful marketing technique is to provide video and before and after pictures to supplement your marketing pieces. The reason you want before and after pictures on your print and online marketing is so that you can provide proof of the results that one can expect.

Secondly, video is the fastest growing segment of the Internet, so you have to have a video presence on your website, Facebook, and Youtube.

You can outsource these tasks to companies, and that might be a good idea, but it's expensive. Or, you can do some of it yourself...

One way to get before and after pictures and video is to hire a model, and photograph and video tape her (or him), and then use it for your marketing purposes. You'll need a model release form in order to be sure they understand the terms and protect both of your interests.

Here is how we hired a model for very little money and retained all rights to the pictures and video.

1. We placed an ad on Craigslist*:
  • In this ad we stated that we needed a model to take before and after pictures and video to use in our marketing.
  • We stated that they would be in a bikini (it was for a custom spray tan model shoot).
  • We also stated that we would retain all rights to the pictures and video.
  • We requested current pictures of the models and an up to date resume.
  • That model would have to come back for another shoot in 24 hours later (for spray tanning you have to wait 24 to see the full effects. 6-8 hours minimum).
  • We noted that they would receive $xx.xx.
  • We stated that they would have to agree to the terms in our model release form and sign it.
2. We received numerous requests and sorted through all the pictures.

3. We found one girl we wanted. She flaked out so we went to our second pick which worked out fine.

Total cost was just $75, not including time and supplies used for the shoot. If you have any experience in the modeling industry you know that $75 is an amazing deal. Most professional studios would charge anywhere from $250 for a few hours, not including hiring the model. So this is a good alternative.

However, be sure you have good lighting, and a decent camera because lighting and taking quality pictures and video can be challenging.

We ended up just taking pictures, and from these pictures we created a nice set of before and after pictures, as well as a video (picture video) that turned out great.

Hopefully you got some ideas on how to use a model release form in your marketing from this. Let me know how it works out for you.

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