Independent Contractor Agreement Form!

An independent contractor agreement is another important business form that spells out exactly what you and your independent contractor agree upon in terms of commission, salary, benefits, and other important areas like:

  • Does your independent contractor pay for supplies or do you?
  • Does your independent contractor get access to the salon or spa on off hours?
  • Who pays for the independent contractors insurance? You or the independent contractor?
  • What is the commission split? 60/40, 50/50?
  • Do they have to attend meetings (salon meetings)?

Your independent contractor agreement is what you will fall back upon when your contractor isn't going with the program, or asks for something more than you agreed to.

If you work with contractors long enough, you will find that challenges do arise from time to time. A good independent contractor contract that spells just about everything out is what you need to deter future problems. Otherwise you'll find yourself having disagreements, amending the contract and having them re-sign it, and it can be a bother for both parties.

The free independent contractor forms that are available on the internet are usually boiler plate ones that are not specific to the salon and spa industry. And frankly they were created by someone who probably has never run or managed a business or dealt with contractors and employees.

Every independent contractor agreement will be different from salon, spa, or small business to another. But we have done our very best to include most items that should be included for most salon and spa's, and even most small businesses. Although a few items that are relevent to our business may not be relevant to yours, the good news is you can easily edit our independent contractor agreement to fit your needs.

What You'll Get:

You'll get the agreement in Word and PDF format so that you can edit either or both for your salon of spa.

Our independent contractor agreement is 7 pages. It's comprehensive and you will need to go through it and delete some items, or change some items to fit your salon, spa, or small business. And we have made that very easy for you.

When it comes to forms and agreements, we believe you will find that our independent contractor form one of the best values you'll find anywhere.

Price: $19.95 $6.95. If you have any questions, problems, or concerns please let us know.

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