Hair Salon Forms Guide:

The types of hair salon forms you'll need will vary, but listed below are some of the most important ones you should consider for proper salon management. Included are additional salon management forms to help you achieve a more streamlined operation. I hope you find it helpful...

However, if I may, let me point you in a direction that will help you figure out what forms are right for your hair salon.

Hair Salon Forms Part 1:

hair salon forms

Employee Evaluation Forms: These are important because employees need to know how well they are doing in terms of your evaluation of them, how they can improve, and also if they are created properly, you give them an opportunity to be honest about their own performance so that you can see where you agree and disagree. Ultimately it provides a professional framework that keeps your employees on the right path and provides a sense of professionalism in the workplace.

Employee Policy Violations: You must provide a way to reprimand your employees as well as leave a paper trail in case of future problems with troubled employees. This helps more than you can imagine. But if your hair salon forms are created properly and you are professional in your approach you can turn some trouble employees around with this technique and form.

Inventory Checklist: You should have one inventory checklist for your in-house use for your stylists, and you should have one for your retail salon products. Stock can include -- shampoo's, conditioners, hair coloring products and dies, spa treatments, creams, gels, spray etc. etc.

Hair Salon Forms Part 2:

Hair Salon Cleaning Checklist: This is crucial for your staff to follow. We have it set up as part of the closing duties for one of the staff members who wants to advance into a higher position (assistant versus 'consultant'). Without it your salon does not get cleaned regularly, and this leads to all kinds of problems. With a Hair salon cleaning checklist you keep your staff accountable. Supply Checklist: This is important to have your staff go over because it not only helps you manage regular salon supplies but it can deter your employees from taking home things like toilet paper, detergent, and office supplies, and who know what else ;-)

Hair salon opening checklist: This is really important because if you don't have a format that every employee can follow you will find that you will get many phone calls in the morning form new and even veteran employees encountering computer problems, salon machines, heater and air conditioning, security alarm, etc. etc.

Salon closing checklist: A must have that your employees follow to make sure they have done their share of their closing duties so that the employee who opens the salon is not greeted with a pig stye.

Hair Salon Forms Part 3:

Cleaning and maintenance checklist: This is something that your staff needs to do on a weekly and/or monthly checklist. This is something that your manager needs to 'own' and delegate because if someone is not on top of this your various salon equipment and machines will suffer and fail on you causing massive problems like: air compressor, spray tan booth filters and mechanics, tanning bed ballasts, manicure pedicure filters and mechanics, fan extraction systems, airbrush compressors and gun, etc. etc. These types of salon machines and equipment are constantly neglected but they must kept clean and maintained properly. This also gives you employees something to do while they have down time. Vacation request form: This is self explanatory, right?

Scheduling: I am sure you have your own scheduling system, but if you don't have it nailed down on an easy to follow form then maybe you are making it more difficult for yourself or your employees. See if ours or someone else helps. It doesn't hurt to have a look at another system. And scheduling can be a frustrating task.

Cash Out slip: Helps your employees balance their drawer and helps keep them accountable.

Hair Salon Forms Part 4:

Hair Salon Client Questionnaire: This is not a 'must have' form but it certainly helps if you want to separate yourself from the rest. This works best for higher end hair salons and hair stylists. Instead of sitting them down in the chair and asking your client how they want their hair done, you sit them down and ask them questions about the style they are looking for, coloring options, and advanced technique is to include emotional questions like, "How do you want to feel once you're hair style is finished?"

Miscellaneous Hair Salon Forms and Documents: These you can do yourself or buy from your office supply store...

Appointment Book: buy this one -- Mark Iv Salon Appointment Book No 802p * 4 Column

Staff Contact List: A sheet that keeps a record of all your hairdressing staffs contact numbers in one place for convenience.

List of suppliers and contacts at their local or national locations. Including an emergency contact list in case of damage or leakage. For example if your spray tan booth stops working, infrared body wrap pad fails or is broken, tanning bed error messages, hair dryers malfunction, pedicure manicure chairs are malfunctioning etc. This is important in case the owner or manager is not available to handle it so when you get the call you can direct them to the contact list. Hours of operation: Since this changes throughout the season for most salons it's good to have a sign that looks professional but is also adjustable to your salon schedule, and is easy to see and read through your salon window. Keep the sheet handy next to the phone for when your employees get calls asking about hours.

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