Salon Client Forms Build Your Business. Faster Than Ever Before!

As a salon owner or manager, salon client forms are an essential part of daily business. But did you know that how you create your forms can help you improve sales and get your employees more productive?

Don't settle for any old salon client agreements and forms you find on the internet, or boiler plate ones that are made for different types of businesses.

Get salon client forms that help you build your business.

For example, if you want to sell higher prices services and make more product sales use a salon consultation client form. A salon consultation form is much like a new client form but it is more like a fact finder. A fact finder is a term used in the financial planning industry, and also the medical industry.

When you meet with a financial advisor or a doctor they will sit down with pen and paper, or sometimes a computer software program (which I find annoying because they are typing and looking at their computer saying, 'ah huh, ah huh'). They will ask you probing questions that help them figure out where you are at and then devise a solution which you agree to almost without question. Because if they hadn't asked questions and wrote down your answers and offered a solution without finding more about you and your problems, how can they offer a solution.

Same goes in the salon and spa industry. Most, not all, but most people have a problem. So why not sit down with them and find out what they really want and then offer a comprehensive solution which includes more products and services.

Some people just want a hair cut, or a brow wax, or a simple spray tan and you can use a simplified client forms (release form). But others have some issues that you can help them with.

Salon client forms like a salon consultation form is one tool that can help you increase your sales, make you look like an expert, and build your business.

So while most salons and spas are just taking orders and selling one dimensionally, you are positioning yourself as a professional who cares about their clients simply by using a salon consultation client form. And when people feel like they are being cared for they will open up their pocket book to you. At this point in time you deliver results, and they will then deliver referrals and positive reviews that further grows you business.

Salon client forms also include a release form. A good release form will ask important questions, but it will also ask for information that will help you build your list.

Your list is GOLD. If you don't have a list of your clients names and addresses, an email list, and a text message list, you don't have a real business yet. A real business gathers, and nurtures their lists so that they can dig the gold out of them. For example, after a client fills out a salon release form, I now have (at the very least) a name and address I can mail to....

But not any name and address. A name and address of someone who wants and likes (or will like) my salon and spa services. That is the most important type of list you can have. A list of proven buyers of your products and services. Because a list of people who like and buy what you are selling will buy more of what you have, and they will refer their friends and family. So if I sit on this name and address and avoid mailing anything to them I am not maximizing my businesses potential.

Lastly, what if I have to move my business? How am I going to notify all my valued clients? I'll have to start over.

A good release client form and a good salon consultation form are key client forms that will grow your business.

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