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From: Brian and Angie Maroevich
Salon Owners
Monday 08:39am

Dear Fellow Salon and Spa Owner,

Proven salon forms, checklists, and procedures helps get employees working harder, improves their customer services skills, and attracts quality employees.

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Brian and Angie Maroevich
Salon Management and
Marketing Advisors

Does This Sound Familiar?

Your salon equipment is not being cleaned and maintained regularly, but your employees can't think of things to do on shift. Now your employee has a 20 point checklist to make sure they get all their duties completed.

What if a new employee forgets what to do when they open the salon? Since the opening duties checklist is handy, they don't keep customers waiting long.

Or, how about when a new customer comes to your salon and is interested in your services. Does your employee know exactly what to do to maximize the customer experience and get the sale? Now you have a 'guide at a glance' that will remind them of what to do.

No Longer Can Your Employees Say,
"I didn't know I was supposed to do that".

Think about it. Proven guides and procedures are one of the most powerful tools you could ever have for your business. They are the framework of how your business should run every step of the way. Simply put, it's like having the best assistant manager money can buy at your beck and call.

Creating All These Salon Forms And Guides Is The Hard Partů

It will take you years and cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combination of forms that work. There are other boiler plate forms out there, even free ones, but they have not been used in a salon or spa and proven their worth. Why waste your valuable time?

salon formsSo instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right salon form, checklist, or employee guide, you can now have them inside a new manual called:

Instant Salon Forms!

Here for the first time are all the forms you will ever need for your spa, tanning salon, hair salon, or beauty salon. All the forms are available for instant download so you can start using them right away.

Now you can address the business situation at hand without having to sit down for hours and create a new salon business form, guide, or procedure.

Get Instant Salon Forms Now or Order Each Form, Guide, or Checklist Individually.

Here is a small sampling of what Instant Salon Forms will do for your business:

Here's A List Of The Tested And Proven Forms and Guides
That You Will Get In Instant Salon Forms!

  • New Client Information Form! Gets valuable information for marketing, and helps set your salon apart from your competition
  • Client Consultation Form...This will set you apart from your competition, increase sales, and establish you as an expert!
  • Daily Service Schedule... This form will help you track what your clients are purchasing, but it also helps all your staff!
  • Client Release Form...A release form that also informs your new client, and helps you get referrals!
  • Employee Performance Review and Planning Sessions...An valuable tool for boosting your employees' customer service and sales skills. One of our most valuable assets! It's a 4-page guide that the salon manager uses to evaluate an employees performance on the job using a rating scale on a total of 37 items that covers everything from answering the phone properly and handling customers, working as a team player, to how well they clean the salon!
  • Employee Policies & Procedures Violation Notice...A major stress reducer for you and your manager. This simple 1-page document is used for documenting employee policy violations, and it is an important piece of your employee 'paper trail. It helps to keep employees on board with how to conduct themselves while working in your business! Requires signatures by employee, manager, and owner to formalize the process and make it real.
  • Employee Write Up Form... These forms will help you turn employees around, and get them more productive. Or simply weed out the bad ones easier and with less headaches!
  • Salon Booth Rental Agreement...You have to have an agreement between your salon and your consultants or hairdressers!
  • Independent Contractor Agreement...You also need an agreement between your salon and your independent contractors. Verbal agreements are worthless. Written agreements keep everyone in line!
  • Employee Guidelines...A 5-page guide that all employees must know very well because it sums up some of the more important salon procedures like: Reminds them of how to handle tanning clients, check acceptance guidelines, refund policy, release form guidelines, showing customers the tanning rooms and services available to them, cleaning rooms, telephone etiquette, how to answer the phone, how to build rapport with new members, working on the computer, coupons/discounting on the computer, which forms Tanning Consultants and Tanning Assistants need to sign and return to the manager, and time clock procedure.
  • Inventory Count Instructions...describes how to count the inventory, what should and should not be counted, and helps you keep your inventory tidy and dramatically reduces employee theft!
  • Inventory Count Form...Makes inventory counting simple so you employees can do it fast and easy. Helps reduce theft of products by your employees. Plus, makes it easy for you to scan!
  • Daily Cleaning Shift Duties...A checklist of 20 duties that need to be taken care of (just in case they forget what needs to be done on a daily basis, or they run out of things to do!)
  • Shift Duties - Opening The Salon - A checklist of 20 things they need to do and/or check at the opening shift. Keeps them busy and gets the salon up and running right at opening!
  • Shift Duties- Closing The Salon - A checklist of 18 action items that need to be taken care of at closing, including inventory (see inventory checklist above), cleaning, register balancing, and more. Gets the salon tidy for the opening shift!

Order Instant Salon Forms Now

  • Weekly Cleaning Duties Checklist...A Monday through Friday list of the most important duties that must be taken care of on each day, with a 'Who Completed' signature box so we know who did the job. Another form that keeps them accountable for the cleanliness of the salon.
  • Mystic Tan 'MyMyst' Procedures Form...Contains everything you need from how to set appointments, what to say to customers, how to start the booth, to closing procedures and who to call at Mystic Tan when problems occur.
  • Cash Out Slip...A form that Sales Consultants fill out for each shift to balance their drawer!
  • A Discount Guide...A quick reference sheet that shows the consultants how to discount anything from coupons and mailings, to Club Member discounts. Saves the newbies or slow learners from calling you or the manager during their shift!
  • Job Descriptions...lists the description of each job from Salon Manager to the Sales Assistant. Just in case they need a reminder of what they are responsible for.
  • Sales Assistant Benefits and Compensation...A 2-page form that lists all the product and tanning discounts, medical benefits, and compensation guidelines for Tanning Assistants.
  • Sales Consultant Benefits Compensation...A 3-page form that lists all the product and tanning discounts, medical benefits, and compensation/commission guidelines for Tanning Consultants.
  • Vacation Request Form...If you've had trouble with scheduling due to employees taking vacation or you have employees consistently requesting days off every week, then you MUST have this form and get your employees to use it right away! Gone are the last minute and verbal requests...scheduling is no longer a nightmare!

Order Instant Salon Forms Now

  • New Employee Paperwork Checklist...a checklist for all the paperwork you need to give your new hires, makes it simple for Managers to get all the correct papers to new people.
  • Application For Employment...custom designed for a tanning salon and spa!
  • Employee Policies & should have a document that spells out all the guidelines for your employees to follow while working at your salon. From employee rules and dress codes, to safety guidelines and customer service, this document gives you the foundation upon which to build your success!
  • New Employee Review Questionnaire...When new employees are asked to come for an interview, we designed a series of 10 questions which weed out the good from the bad more often than not.
  • Equipment cleaning duties & maintenance checklists ...necessary training and every day forms for employees to keep your salon equipment functioning properly and sanitized!
  • Customer Check-in Procedure ...a training form for your employees to learn how you want them to handle your clients as they enter your salon.
  • Tips for Spray Tanners ...a simple tip sheet to give to your clients after using Mystic Tan (or similar UV-free spray tanning booth) for the first time.
  • Mystic Tan Quiz ...make sure your employees understand all the information you've provided to them during training on Mystic Tan with a brief 2-page quiz that touches on the important things you want them to know.
  • Baby Room Cleaning Guidelines ...each one of our staff are assigned a 'Baby Room' that is theirs to keep clean. This form gives you an outline of how you want your staff to clean your salon rooms from the lobby to the bathroom, now they can't say 'I didn't know we were supposed to clean that!'
  • New Employee Orientation and Training Outlines for Tanning Assistants and Tanning Consultants...provides your new employee and managers with an outline of all items they need to complete during their training period...essential for them to get on the right track from the beginning!
  • 'At-Will' Employment Contract...If you do business in some states, you can use this form which outlines the 'At-Will' employment rules between employer and employee to help 'cover yourself' with employee issues.
  • Manager's keep your salon manager organized and on track with a simple weekly checklist they can use for all the tasks they need to complete every week.
  • Cleaning Standards outline of your salon cleaning standards for your staff to follow. They will know exactly what you expect in terms of cleanliness for your entire salon from the client rooms to the lobby to the bathroom!
  • Cleaning Standards Quiz ...reinforces your cleaning standards form by having new employees take a simple 1-page quiz.

Order Instant Salon Forms Now

  • Emergency Contact Sheet...a brief form for your staff to provide you with their Emergency contacts (note: comes in handy when people don't show up for work!).
  • Sales Consultant Math Quiz...make sure your new Tanning Consultants understand the basics of math before hiring them. If they don't understand how to complete these simple math problems, imagine the money you could lose!
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization Form...if you are not processing EFT memberships yet, you are losing out on a steady stream of revenue for your salon. Some EFT processing companies will provide you with a standard form, but we have one that is already made and has been tweaked over the years after experience with these kinds of memberships. Includes areas for customers to initial stating that they understand all contract requirements, including charges for declines if their payment does not go through.
  • EFT Cancellation Request the event your client wants to cancel or freeze their EFT membership, this form provides a paper trail to document any changes.
  • Opening/End of Shift/Closing Instructions...Can be customized depending on the salon software you use, but we already have this ready to go if you use Helios. Provides important guidelines for you TC's to follow and helps ensure proper procedures are followed.
  • Customer Service Do's and Don't's...a simple 1-page document that bullet points key customer service etiquette including tone of voice, avoiding sarcasm, and saying 'thank you' as people leave your salon.
  • Helios Cheat Sheet ...if your salon uses Helios, the Cheat Sheet is great for new employees and can be customized for your salon.
  • Sales Standards for Sales Consultants...this is a MUST HAVE document for your new Tanning Consultants, outlining everything from how to greet new clients, what questions to ask them, and how to sell lotion and packages. It also includes pointers on telephone etiquette, how to handle certain objections, and how to explain tanning beds, spray tanning, and tanning bed bulbs. You should not allow anyone to sit behind your counter until they have completed reviewing this document with you!
  • Sales Savvy For TC's...further outlines and bullet points key sales techniques such as building rapport, the art of persuasion, and more on objection handling. A great tool for follow up training at one of your team meetings.
  • Sales Savvy & Customer Service Quiz ...a 2-page questionnaire that gets your new TC's thinking about all the sales and customer service information you have provided to them. It also tells you who has been reading the training material and who hasn't!

Order Instant Salon Forms Now

Instant Salon Forms is not the magic pill that will make your salon or spa into a massive money making machine, and you probably won't turn around every single employee around who is not performing well. But it will certainly be an highly effective tool that you can use to get your salon in a much better, more profitable direction.

Instant Salon Forms can be used in any salon or spa. Although some of the forms are specific to tanning or spa services, you can change them for your needs instantly. And some of the forms you simply won't need. But just a few forms can dramatically change your salon or employees behavior which is priceless. We know, because we use these forms daily...

If you are not sure what to do with a form or how it can be used in your salon or spa, just email us  and we will help you.

The bottom line: Rather than running your salon by "reactive" basis and making verbal agreements with your employees, we created a system for each task and job so that everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing, and when they are supposed to do it. Plus our forms and guides will help you provide your employees with goals, direction, and build team unity. This will instill a more professional atmosphere in your salon and it will make your employees happier and more focused on their job.

"Okay - So How Much Is Instant Salon Forms?"

Frankly, I thought long and hard about delivering this exclusive information only as part of a high-priced seminar where I charged at least $1095.00 per person. But instead of going to all the trouble of arranging for a room and taking time out of my schedule - I settled on allowing you to download them instantly to your computer so you can start using them right away. That's why Instant Salon Forms is only $201.91 $29.95 ($171.96 Savings!). Or you can order them individually for as low as $3.59 per form ...

Click here to get started right now with Instant Salon Forms!

I urge you to take action right now and grab this proven material that will help you run a successful salon with happy productive employees. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this one. Grab your forms now.


Brian and Angie Maroevich
Salon Owners
Publisher, "Instant Salon Forms"

P.S. You'll be delighted at how good my forms are. And you'll be surprised at how effective they can be at helping you manage your salon or spa.

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